16 Ciyas Basheer - News Photographer - The New Indian Express

This is a tale of two friends, who are challenging the test of time, against the odds put forward to them by destiny. Three days after birth, Ajo Thomas suffered from jaundice, which made him paralysed below the waist. However, that did not stop the fighter in him, and instead, wanted to study and help his widowed mother in meeting the education expenses of his younger sister. construct a house as well as marry off his sister. He enrolled himself at the Santhigiri College, Vazhithala, near Thodupuzha for the differently-abled. At the college, Ajo met Amal Sunny, who had difficulty in walking. Amal too had a similar story. He suffered an epilepsy attack at the age of 12 and could not walk. After a couple of surgeries, he could slowly walk. Amal dreams of constructing a house. When Ajo and Amal met at college, they came close and decided to do a part-time job together. The college allotted them space to do DTP works inside, after the classes. They did work from the college as well as the ones they got from outside. When the income from the DTP work alone did not make ends meet, they started selling lotteries in the town. In the picture, Amal pushes Ajo in the wheelchair.

The New Indian Express, June 2023