14 B.P. Deepu - Principal News Photographer - The New Indian Express

People 'living on the edge' at Mannankulam fishing hamlet in Thiruvananthapuram
helplessly watch furious waves slam into the shoreline.

Climate crisis, encroachments and illegal constructions have been wreaking havoc along the densely
populated shoreline of Kerala.Yet another monsoon is here, and the menacing waves have started
battering the coasts, and the lives of fisherfolk. Thiruvananthapuram's coastal hamlets are among the
worst-hit by the sea erosion. Though this has become an annual tragedy,authorities have done little to
provide succour to the fisherfolk living in peril. Several houses were washed away over the past week
at Mannankulam, a coastal village near Anchuthengu in Thiruvananthapuram. Displaced families have
been forced to seek refuge at their relatives' homes. More houses are on the verge of destruction,fear
native fisherfolk, who point to the unscientific construction of nearby Muthalapozhi fishing harbour.

The New Indian Express - Published, July 2022