10 SL Shanth Kumar - Chief Photo Journalist - The Times of India, Mumbai

Series of the Kerala Coastal erosion

Chavakkad, KADAPPURAM Panjayath Manakkakadavu a coastal village situated in the southern Indian state Chavakkad is at risk of being washed away by rising seas. The local authorities have tried to keep the sea away by lining sand bags for over a 2km stretch with no success.  Hardly 10 years ago the sea at Chavakkad Municipality in Kerala was 1 km away from the shore. Now it has come up to  engulf houses by the coast. around 250 houses have been destroyed in the past 25 years. This former fishing village is hardly recognizable now. The beach that used to be the playground of Ashraf, a former fisherman, has now entered houses with the sea knocking at their doors. The sandbanks that the Municipality government has provided are hardly enough to stand against the mighty sea. The maximum erosion has happened in the past 2 years.

Published - The Times of India, Mumbai , November 2022