03 Jinse Michael - Photographer - Malayala Manorama

The Devastating Traces of Kerala Floods...

Gopalan and Thanka are a couple residing in a small village in Kerala. As the flood became aggressive, the couple found themselves surrounded by rising waters and cut off from the outside world. Their home was severely affected, and they had no means of communication or access to emergency services.

In August 2018, their house was partially destroyed and all the documents in the house were lost due to this intensive rise of water for continuous five days.Even though the Kerala government provides financial assistance to the damaged houses, they did not get it because they did not have sufficient documents. The house has been dilapidated for five years due to lack of documents and lack of funds to renovate the house. Thanga and Gopalan still live in this dilapidated house

Published - Malayala Manorama, June 2022