Welcome to the ICRC Resource Centre, Delhi


The ICRC Resource Centre is a facility with approximately 1,850 publications on International Humanitarian Law (IHL), International Human Rights Law (IHRL), International Affairs and several other related subjects.


The ICRC Resource Centre acquires, produces, stores and distributes books, documents, CDs, posters and promotional articles on various subjects. It has a flexible user-friendly system and is one of the specialised libraries for conducting research in the field of international law. It has been acknowledged widely by the academic community and by researchers in India.


The ICRC Resource Centre is designed to facilitate research into IHL, IHRL, International Affairs and other related subjects through a Subject Classification System, which is very simple and flexible. The users find the publications/documents of their interest in the shortest possible time.


For convenience, easy access, and practical reasons the Resource Centre has been divided into two sections:

Audio-Visual Section

Audio-Visuals are also treated under the Subject Classification System. An updated record for the same is available on request.

The following are the subjects (the figure in bracket denotes the number of DVDs available under that specific subject heading) available for reference purpose: